Lender Appraisals


1950s home purchase mortgage appraisal


Over 50% of the appraisal assignments Burton & Company receives are from local, regional and national lenders.  Burton & Company is dedicated to meeting the needs of lenders by offering:

  • RUSH appraisals as needed.
  • Instant communication of appointment or property "red flag" issues.
  • Immediate, flexible scheduling.
  • Sale Transactions given special attention.
  • Approved with all major lenders: Approval packages ready for submittal for newer lenders. No "watch" or "black" lists placements.
  • FHA/VA approved and experieced.
  • Credit Cards accepted.


Our appraisals are researched and completed to FNMA, FHA, Lender, UAD, and other guidelines, to prevent PTD or PTF appraisal conditions, the need for reviews and "cut values".  As we do reviews ourselves, we know what the underwriters & appraiser reviewers require in the reports.  We complete rock solid appraisal reports that will pass professional review.  We do not "push" values

Lender Resources


CMBA California Mortgage Bankers Association

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