Appraisals for Home Owners

home appraisals


Homeowners need appraisals for many reasons, Family transfer, Pre-listing services, and PMI removal.

When you order an appraisal with Burton & Company, you can be assured of quality, courtesy, and timeliness.    

For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) / Pre-Listing Services

It is difficult to be objective about your own home due to your emotional attachment to it. A professional, competent appraiser is objective and will help you set a realistic selling price.  An appraisal is valuable as a negotiating tool once you have a potential buyer. It gives you a certified document to show your potential buyer. It's an independent value opinion completed by a licensed appraiser.   Potential buyers know you have an attachment to your home and will give more credibility to an appraiser's value opinion than yours.

PMI Removal Appraisals

PMI or "Private Mortgage Insurance". Once your mortgage loan is below 80% of the appraised value of your home, you can apply with the lender to remove PMI from your loan. This will reduce your monthly payments. We are experienced in helping owners remove PMI insurance.


Property Tax Appeal

Immigration or Bail Bond

Need a quick quote or have a question?  email Scott Burton Please include the address of the property to be appraised.