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Arriving at Ellis Island

Burton & Company has been providing appraisals for Bail & Immigration Bonds for many years.

We are sympathetic to the stress that can be associated with incarceration & immigration.

We can provide same or next day appraisals.  Our services will be discreet and confidential.

Most bail & immigration bond appraisals are $350-$500.  We will quote the fee prior to any work completed. Same or next day orders will be higher and are by quote, with an additional rush fee.  Sliding scale discounts may apply, just ask. 

We do not provide the actual bail bonds

 We provide real estate appraisals for bonds.

Click here to order a bail or immigration appraisal online.

Click here to ask a question or get a quick fee quote prior to ordering. Please include the address of the property to be appraised.


We look forward to serving you with respect, discretion & efficiency.




What is an immigration bond?

Per Lawinfo.comAn immigration bond issued for delivery of an alien guarantees that the individual will appear for all I.N.S. hearings on time and depart the United States at a specified date. An immigration bond conditioned for maintenance of an alien, guarantees that the person will be financially independent during the time he/she is in the United States.
What is a bail bond?
Per   The money posted by a "bondsman" for a defendant who cannot afford his bail. The defendant pays a certain portion, usually 10%. If the defendant fails to appear for a court hearing, the judge can issue a warrant for his arrest and threaten to "forfeit," or keep, the money if the defendant doesn't appear soon. Usually, the bondsman will look for the defendant and bring him back, forcefully if necessary, in order to avoid losing the bail money.   Private, independent provide of legal information, very well organized.

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